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Top 10 Best Self Balancing Two Wheeled Electric Scooters 2019


The Best Self Balancing electric scooters, or also known as Swegways / Hover-boards have become massively popular over recent years after making their way from their inception in China to all over the globe, especially in the US and UK, and with rap artists, playing a main role in lots of their videos and even stage shows!

Since hitting the market in early 2015, Hoverboards, mini-Segways, Swegways or self-balancing boards – whatever you want to call them, have been in heavy demand and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

These two wheeled balancing scooters offer the user a fun and adventurous means of travel and have several really cool features that doesn’t just include lights and being able to spin around on it. As with other similar products such as scooters and skates, there are quite a few brands to choose from when it comes to these two wheeled balancing scooters, which could make choosing one a bit difficult.  In this article we will take the hassle out of deciding what hoverboard to choose and give you our top 10 best smart two wheels electric balance scooters in 2016 list.

Me and my son Jason have personally tested all of these self balancing scooters to the breaking point and our top ten list takes into account the following aspects.

– Easy of use
– Quality of build
– Responsiveness
– Performance
– Durability

All of the scooters below have scored high on all of these areas of testing.

Best Self Balancing Two Wheeled Electric Scooters

1. Shareconn Hover Boost, Airboard Scooter
This self balancing scooter is slick to say the least. It’s super easy to control and can be mastered in a matter of minutes, which is one of the great things about this particular model. I found that it accelerates easy enough and the action of the controls was very responsive. You simply apply some pressure with the front of your feet. There’s two motors of a combined 1000W that drive the two wheeled scooter, with the added feature of being about to power them individually to create easy turns, rotations and increased acceleration. The motors also allow for a smooth braking.

The shareconn hover boost is ideal for short-distance travel of between 1k and 15k. It can go 20 kilometers, but this is dependant on the quality of the surface it’s riding on and the weight of the user. I rode it to pick my daughter up from school, which is 6K away and it didn’t slow down one bit. The only thing I found was that it wasn’t as smooth as say the Swagway X1 model when moving in straight lines. Other than that it’s a great two wheeled balance scooter.

It can be used in pretty much all weather, below -10C and above 40C is not advisable.

2. GOTRAX ION LED Hoverboard – UL Certified Hover Board w/Self Balancing Mode (Black)
The GOTRAX Hoverfly is in the larger wheel size class of hoverboard, with 8.5” wheels. This model also has a one of the more dedicated self-balancing mechanisms out of all these choices; the hoverboard will self-balance even without a rider. The Hoverfly ION comes in 9 bright colors and includes an array of LED lighting, so you’ll look cool and be visible no matter what time of day you’re riding. The ION is lightweight, at less than 20 lbs, so it’s a good option for portability. Although the ION is rated all ages, with a weight limit of 200 pounds this model is best for teens or younger.

Best Self Balancing Two Wheeled Electric Scooters Buyers Guide


Hoverboards weigh between 20-35 lbs. The heavier models are more rugged, but can be a pain to carry if you’ll be traveling or need to walk back home once the battery goes out.

Wheel Size

The hoverboards reviewed below are either 6.5” or 8.5” wheels. The difference is in stability and durability; if you plan to use your hoverboard only on smooth pavement or indoors, a 6.5” wheel is fine. For off-road or rugged territory you’ll want to go with the 8.5” wheel.

Maximum Speed

Most scooters top out around 6-7 mph, but others go up to 12+ mph. If you’re buying for a child, you might want to stick with the slower models. For adventurous adults, full speed ahead!

Weight Capacity

Some hoverboards have a low weight capacity of around 165 pounds, and others go up to 220+ lbs. Shop according to the weight of the intended user.

Battery Life

If you’ll just be hovering around your neighborhood, the battery life isn’t a big deal. For those wanting to ride long distances, you’ll want to pay attention to the battery life of each model.

Recharge Time

If you’re hoping for long days of fun on your new hoverboard, you’ll want to be mindful of the recharge times. Some models advertise a super fast recharge period, as low as an hour, and others take up to 6 hours to recharge.


Many hoverboards are suitable for any age, depending on the weight restrictions; but some models go faster and further, making them more suitable for older children or adults.

Safety Certifications

Hoverboards got a bad rap when they first became popular in 2015, after some battery fire issues. Hoverboards were using the same batteries used in cell phones, but the heavy usage made the batteries heat-up and catch fire. Good news though; new regulations require hoverboards to pass the UL 2272 safety certifications, and there hasn’t been a problem with fires since this regulation was passed. Make sure the hoverboard you choose is UL 2272 certified (all hoverboards reviewed in this article pass inspection).

Final words

There’s been a lot of bad press recently about 2 wheeled self balancing scooters ( AKA Hoverboards ) with lots of cheap and illegal imports flooding the market. When you do go to buy your self balancing scooter, make sure you are buying a recognised brand of hoverboard and you buy from decent places online like Amazon.

The scooters listed above are all fully compliant with American and European safety regulations.

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