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You look at your room and think ‘Oh! Well, I need to add a piece of decoration in here’. Fortunately, we have a piece of advice for you; simply go for an LED flame bulb. As opposed to conventional lighting systems, LED flame bulbs mimic the true flame with their dancing lights. Most of them also produce lights with colors that are close to the true fire color. What’s more, these bulbs can be used to decorate both the interior and exterior. Plus they are perfect for special events and occasions. We believe that they are exactly what you need. That’s why we have gone a step further to unveil the following top 10 best-LED flame bulb in 2019 reviews.


1.LUXON LED Flame Light Bulbs

LED Flame Light Bulbs Fire Flicker Effect Lamp Decorative LED Bulb with Flickering 5W Flame Decorations LED Lights E26 Standard Base Vintage Unique Outdoor Fire Lights for Antique Lantern/ Bar/ Hotel

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The quality of LUXON brands is second to none. That’s why we are happy to review these LED flame light bulbs. Designed for outdoor or indoor decoration, these flame light bulbs come in three modes and warm color. This, therefore, means you will have several lighting choices that blend well with your porch, garden, pathway, house, and many more. These bulbs also boast the gravity technology that allows the flame to flicker upside down to bring you the real fire effect experience. The color of the flickering light produced by these bulbs is 1300K, which is close to the true fire color.

2.Texsens LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

Texsens LED Flame Effect Light Bulb, E26 LED Flickering Flame Light Bulbs, 105pcs 2835 LED Beads Simulated Decorative Light Atmosphere Lighting Vintage Flaming Light Bulb for Bar/ Festival Decoration

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We feel that you should consider this LED flame effect light bulb because it saves energy and has no open flame. As if that’s not enough, it stimulates the natural fire, much to your delight. Another thing we love about this LED flame effect light bulb is its versatility. Yes, the bulb can be used to light up the atmosphere, and it is ideal for family holidays as well as holiday gifts. It is a decorative bulb with warm flame color meant to improve the aesthetics of your space. It is easy to install and works in any country.

3.CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulb (2 Pack)

CPPSLEE - LED Flame Effect Light Bulb - E26 Standard Base - Atmosphere Decoration Fire Flickering Simulation 105 pcs 2835 LED Beads -Flame Bulb for Home Decoration(2 Pack)

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Apart from 2 packs, the CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulb is available in 6 packs and one pack to let you choose the number that suits you best. The light bulb is also easy to install with its down hold-screws for fire-down installation and up hold-screws for fire-up installation. Besides, it saves up to 90-percent of electricity; hence, do not expect a dramatic increase in your electricity bills. You will find it handy for decorating your room. And all you need to achieve that is to install it in a frosted glass shade, salt lamp or lantern.

4.enLIGHTen LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb {UPDATED} DOWNWARD and UPWARD Fire Flickering Simulation Indoor Outdoor Lightbulb Standard E26 Socket, Cool Interior Exterior, Holiday, Atmosphere, College Dorm, Home Decor

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We are confident that the appearance of your room will not be the same again if you go for this LED flame bulb. As opposed to other ordinary flickering flame bulbs, this LED flame effect light bulb boasts a real crackling fire simulation, which works exactly like the real fire. What we mean by this is that you will be able to see LED lights dancing as if it were real. Moreover, this bulb is versatile, and, therefore, can be installed anywhere. It will help you add some color to your walkway, pool, home bar, restaurant, and more.

5.Tento Lighting LED Flame Bulb (Pack of 2)

Tento Lighting LED Flame Bulb Upside Down Pack of 2 Flickering Light Bulbs Fire Light Effect 5 Watts 3 Flames Simulate Modes E26 Camp Lantern Indoor Outdoor E26 Christmas Bulbs Decorations Lamps

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The Tento Lighting LED Flame Bulb probably has the best and latest design you have ever seen. The upside down ensures that the fire effect always faces upward regardless of how you have installed the bulb. Additionally, this bulb has three flames effect, which are the static flame, flickering flame, and meteor shower flame. Therefore, depending on your taste, you will be able to choose any flame effect by switching between the modes. This bulb will change the atmosphere of your home with its warm glow. It comes in a pack of two pieces, which are enough to light up every moment.

6.Keymit UL-492997 4W LED Bulb (Outdoor 6Pack)

Keymit New C35T E12 Base 4W 400LM 2700K Dimmable Candelabra LED Bulb - UL-E492997 - Outdoor 6Pack

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When it comes to safety, we believe that the Keymit 4W LED Bulb Set is the best. Made from the Epistar Chip and certified by CE, ROHS, and UL-Listed E492997, these bulbs are considered among the safest on the market today. Also, they are 100-percent deep dimmable and works with an old dimmer. Plus they are tested to light up to 30,000 hours so that they can give you consistent view for several years. Another thing we love about these LED bulbs is the fact that they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We are sure you will like how they work.

7.SIXDEFLY Flame Effect LED Light Bulbs (3-Pack)

[2019 New Upgrade]Can switch 3 lighting modes Flame Bulb E26 Flame Effect LED Light Bulbs Flickering Fire Atmosphere Decoration for Hotel/ Bars/ Home/ Restaurants 3-Pack

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We do not expect the flame light to thrill you every time. That’s why we have come up with these bulbs that have three modes. They can be switched from flame mode to normal light mode or breathing mode, depending on what way you want. These bulbs can also be used anywhere at any time because of their well-thought design. They look nice in a room, and we are sure you will love them for this. Besides, they are affordable and even covered by a full warranty for risk-free purchase.

8.HUDSON LIGHTING Flame Tip Candelabra Bulbs (6 Pack)

Hudson Lighting Dimmable Flame Tip Candelabra LED Bulbs - UL Listed - 2 Year Warranty - 4 Watt - 400 Lumen - E12 Led Bulb Base - 2700K - Indoor or Outdoor Led Candelabra Bulb - 6 Pack

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You will not believe that you are getting these bulbs at such a price. To make things even better, this pack comes with a 2-year warranty and is UL-listed to give you peace of mind while using it. The box has six bulbs, which are dimmable and only use 4 watts to help you save a lot in the long run. Bulbs are also stylish, and, therefore, perfect for chandeliers, ceiling fans, and porch lights, among other applications. Each of them is equipped with 400 lumens and lasts up to 20,000 hours.

9.Luxrite Candelabra LED E12 Bulb (6 Pack)

6-Pack Candelabra LED E12 Bulb, Luxrite, 6W LED Flame Bulb, 2700K Warm White, 650 Lumens, 60W Candelabra Bulb LED, E12 Candle Base, UL Listed

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Unlike most LED flame bulbs, Luxrite Candelabra LED E12 Bulbs display a vintage design that helps contribute to their distinctive quality. These bulbs are also eco-friendly and save up to 90-percent of energy. Well, all these features are enough to make you start thinking whether you can get these bulbs or not. But if you are not convinced enough, then you can also check the brilliant color of these bulbs. Well, the color is vibrant and quite similar to the natural light source, meaning you can use it to decorate your living space.

10.Balanced Co. LED Flame Effect Light Bulb (2 Pack)

Balanced Co. LED Flame Effect Light Bulb Upside Down, E26 LED Flickering Flame Light Bulbs with 108 LEDs for Most Realistic Flame on the Market - 2 Pack

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Very few LED flame bulbs are equipped with gravity sensor technology; hence, we are fortunate enough to find one. The Balanced Co. LED Flame Effect Light Bulb Pack has two bulbs that can be installed either way because of the gravity sensor. You can confidently install them upside down or upright because their flames will adjust automatically. Additionally, these bulbs have three unique flame effect modes (General Lighting Mode, Emulation Mode, and Breathing Mode), which can easily be changed by turning the lights off and then on. Considering their perfect accent pieces, the two bulbs can be used for home decoration, Halloween, Christmas lighting, patio lighting, and more.

Acutely few items will improve the aesthetics of your home at night. And one of these items is the LED flame bulb. Well, these lighting systems do not consume much energy and are highly affordable. They produce light that is almost similar to the natural flame; hence, will be a great addition to your living space. Considering the prices of these bulbs, we expect you to go for one today before it is too late.

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