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Crib Mobiles Reviews & Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the perfect shower gift or mobile for your own baby’s nursery, the best crib mobiles are a great idea for new parents! Whether you’re looking for the best musical crib mobile or a mobile that fits your baby’s nursery theme, we found 10 great options for you! Before we get into the crib mobile reviews, here are a few things you should know first, so you can pick the right mobile for you and your baby!

Theme: Crib mobiles often have common themes like animals, shapes, sports, popular children’s book or movie characters, and more! You can choose a mobile that coordinates with your nursery décor, or grab one that stands out for some added visual interest!

Musical: Some mobiles we reviewed play a variety of songs, some play only one song, and others don’t play music at all. This way, you can find one that both make your baby happy, and one that won’t drive you crazy!

Age: Buying a mobile that suits your baby’s age ensures that the mobile is safe to use on their crib. It also helps you find a mobile with the features you want to help your baby develop motor and listening skills!

Power: How your mobile works will depend on how you plan to use it. To play music for long periods, battery-powered mobiles are best. To play short songs, a wind-up option is great and doesn’t require extra batteries to run it.

Attaches to Crib: Most crib mobiles attach to the crib and hang over the side, so your baby can watch the toys spin while they fall asleep. Some crib mobiles can hang on the ceiling to keep your baby from pulling them down.

Size: The size of each mobile is incredibly important, especially if you want a mobile that fits into a small nursery space! We found models that are tall and grand, or small to fit in tight spaces and perfect for traveling!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know about different mobile features, let’s get into the reviews! We found 10 crib mobiles that work for boys, girls, or both (just in case you’re leaving the baby’s gender a surprise). They come in a variety of styles, colors, and prices so you can find the right one for you! If you’re short on time, no worries! Check out the Top Pick and Budget Pick to start, then come back later when you have more time!

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Mobile


Our Top Pick for the best baby crib mobile is this multi-tasking toy from Fisher-Price! This mobile has enough functions to keep your baby happy wherever they go, and far beyond the age when they need a crib mobile! As a mobile, this attaches to your baby’s crib and spins around gently to promote brain development. Also, it can play music, nature sounds, heartbeat, or womb sounds to soothe your child to sleep. For some added fun, this also works as a projector that shows your child fun cartoon images of animals and nature that are projected onto the canopy. Or you can remove the mobile and just use it to project onto the wall or ceiling when they get older! Oh, and this battery-powered mobile and projector also comes with a remote! You can control it without entering your child’s room and disturbing them! This mobile has everything you need to keep your baby entertained and well rested!


Tiny Love Meadow Days Mobile

Next up in our search for the best rated crib mobiles is this inexpensive and fun mobile from Tiny Love! This mobile is plush, colorful, and can go with you anywhere! You can use this as a crib mobile by attaching it to the plastic arm, allowing it to spin and play 5 different musical options for up to 30 minutes at a time. The plush meadow animals are colorful and fun for your child to watch and grab at while they develop their motor skills. If you want to take the fun on the road, just unclip the mobile from the plastic arm and go! It has a Velcro strap that easily attaches to an infant carrier or playpen, or use the clip to attach it to your stroller or anywhere else you want it to go! We think this is the best crib mobile for sleeping over at grandma’s house or taking with you on your next vacation!


Disney Winnie the Pooh Mobile

Are you looking to introduce your baby to the classics while helping them gently fall asleep each night? Consider picking up one of these adorable Winnie the Pooh mobiles from Disney! This wind-up crib mobile has all the popular characters we know and love: Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger too! It gently spins while playing the classic Brahm’s lullaby while your child drifts off to sleep. Or you can turn off the music function and just enjoy the slow spinning of the mobile! The carousel and plush animals are cheerful and use pastel colors to keep your child calm and entertained. We also like that this crib mobile is part of a whole collection of Winnie the Pooh themed décor, so you can coordinate their bedding, wall décor, lamps, and more fun accessories! We think this would make a great baby shower gift for new moms who want their child’s room to have a Disney theme to it!


Fisher-Price Woodland Mobile

Another great multi-use mobile comes to use from Fisher-Price! The woodland animals are plush, colorful, and cute as a button! This mobile can also be used in 3 different ways to entertain and comfort your child all day long! First, you can use it as a traditional mobile that attaches to their crib, spins, and plays music for up to 20 minutes to lull your baby to sleep. Second, you can detach the musical bird on top and hand it to your baby to play with or chew on while teething. When detached, it switches to short, fun tunes your child activates by touching the blue button on its belly! Third, the mobile animals come off and can be clipped to your child’s carrier or stroller with the attached c-shaped ring for on-the-go entertainment! This is another great musical mobile for crib, stroller, play place, or taking with you to keep your child comfortable and happy on an overnight trip!


Just Born Musical Mobile

Whether you are looking to add some extra patriotism to your American baby’s décor, or you just want a simple, vintage-style mobile to match their room, this starry mobile from Just Born is a great idea! This sports themed crib mobile uses plush red, white, and blue stars your baby will love to stare at as the mobile spins around and plays soft music. The wind-up mobile gently plays Brahm’s lullaby to help soothe your child to sleep or help them calm down after a long day of growing, teething, or just plain having a bad day! It coordinates with Just Born’s “Vintage Sports” and “Retro Ride” themed bedding and accessories sets, but we think it would be perfect in any room that uses navy, white, or red as part of its color scheme! We think this would be a great mobile to add to a baby’s room that has a sport, vintage, starry night, or American flag décor theme!


Carter’s Jungle Mobile

Next up in our crib mobile reviews is this fun and adorable jungle themed crib mobile from Carter’s. This wind-up mobile plays Brahm’s lullaby to help soothe your baby and prepare them to sleep at naptime or nighttime. The arm attachment is covered in fabric with a plush giraffe head on top to add some whimsy to what is usually a plain, utilitarian part of the mobile. The giraffe is holding up a felt canopy with 4 animals underneath: two monkeys, a zebra, and an elephant! The entire mobile is done in light colors, so this will easily fit into just about any nursery décor theme. We also like that it’s made to fit standard and convertible cribs, so you can keep it on your crib at home, or bring it with you and attach it to your travel crib. This gives your child a bit of familiarity while traveling, which can help them feel at ease and sleep better!


NoJo Play Ball Mobile

Another great option for a sports themed crib mobile is this wind-up version from NoJo! This is a brown, ivory, indigo, red, and navy crib mobile that’s perfect for a little boy’s room, or to give your little girl some sporty inspiration! The mobile plays Brahm’s lullaby and spins to help lull your baby to sleep or give them something to stare at while they’re quietly relaxing in their crib. We like that the basketball, football, soccer ball, and baseball are plush and small to help your baby learn to track movement and, when they get older, identify which ball is which! If you want to coordinate your baby’s nursery to this adorable mobile, you’re in luck! This mobile is part of an entire set of “Play Ball” themed bedding and accessories that you can buy separately! You can completely outfit your child’s nursery with accessories that will grow with them as they go from infant to toddler and beyond!


The Peanut Shell Mobile

This gray and white crib mobile from The Peanut Shell would look absolutely perfect in a minimalist or muted color themed nursery! The mobile is easy to assemble, and it attaches securely to most standard crib models. We also like that this electronic crib mobile gives you 12 different song options to choose from, so you don’t get bored with listening to the same song every day. You can also find a few options your child likes for times when you want to calm and soothe them! The gray and white color scheme is muted and calming, without any loud, jarring colors to distract from your classic and soothing décor. It has a variety of plush stars, clouds, and gray elephants that spin around to keep your baby calm and entertained. We also think this gender-neutral mobile is a great gift idea for new parents who don’t plan to find out ahead of time if they’re having a boy or girl!


Lolli Living Musical Mobile

If you were going for a cozy, knitted theme in your baby’s nursery, this soft and sweet mobile from Australian company Lolli would go perfectly with that theme! All of the fabrics used for the arms and animals are made of high quality materials that will look great and last a long time. The wind-up mobile has several song options to choose from, which is nice if you want to switch things up. It also works without the music if you just want your baby to have some quiet time while watching the woodland animals dance around. We think the knitted sparrows and deer are absolutely adorable and will add some whimsical fun to a pink, ivory, and brown color scheme. If you want to go more gender-neutral with your mobile, they also have an owl and fox-themed mobile in orange, yellow, and blue. Lolli also makes bedding and accessories you can buy separately to match whichever mobile you choose!


i love bub Crib Mobile

Last up in our crib mobile buying guide is this hanging mobile that will give your baby’s nursery majorly cool vibes! The mobile’s theme is “Baa, Baa Black Sheep,” with a moon, 4 white sheep, and of course, one black sheep! You can sing the song to your baby while pointing to the soft, felt sheep, and as they get older, they’ll sing along with you! We like the minimalist and modern design because it’s made with calm, neutral colors that look great with whatever décor you use. This would look just as good in a bohemian-themed nursery as it would a bright, cheerful, farm-themed nursery! The gender-neutral design is great for parents who don’t know if they’re having a boy or girl – or for use with all of their babies! We also like that this mobile hangs from the ceiling, so you can keep it away from grabby hands by simply hanging it higher up as your baby grows!



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