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Cool Braids Festival Hairstyles


To get that awesome festival hairstyle idea, you don’t have to spend a fortune. With the possibility of high humidity or even a sprinkle or two of rain, it will be a waste spending tons of money just for your hair to fall flat while enjoying the outside activities at a festival. On the other hand, you don’t have to settle for a ball cap or the basic ponytail either. There are ways to obtain and maintain an amazing look even with being in the hot beaming sun for hours. The following includes 33 cool festival hairstyle ideas to use:

10 Cool & Festive Hair Braids That Totally Rock

1)A Nifty, Two French Braids & Bun Style


This is a nifty and princess like hairstyle consisting of two French braids. The bun is located at the lower back for a more creative look that screams hip, cool, clever, yet princess like.

2)One Braided Cleverness


Just one braid can be stylish. It’s genius to use a combination of two simple styles for a beautiful creation. This look consists of a top pin-up, a side braid, and the rest of the hair is let down.

3)A Beautifully Braided Swoop


A little more flair to your already healthy, flowing hair is done with a beautifully created braid. Starting from the front to the back and then side makes for a beautiful swooping of the hair.

4)A Beautiful & Clever Twist to Simplicity


With a simple twist to simplicity, you can look like a million bucks. Just a little imagination, creativity, and a few hair ties or hair pins, you can create this marvelous hairstyle.

5)A Side Braid & Pin-up with Flair


With just a little pinning up of the hair in the front, you can make a beautiful side braid of the rest of the hair. The braid must not be braided so tightly to create the right effect.

6)A Hip & Cool Cornrolls & Flow Style


A little imagination goes a long way. As shown, cornrolls can be styled amazingly with the top half of your hair in cornrolls and gathered in a twist for a ponytail. The other half would be down.

7)A Lot More Than a French Roll


Don’t have time to style your hair, but still want an amazing look? With this style, you must brush, twist, pin up, and to the side with a little bang.

8)Revolutionizing the Hippie Style


You’ll be the envy of others even outshining the ones with jewelry or flowers in the hair. All is needed is part of the front, side, and back part flowing down with the rest in two French braids and buns.

9)Sometimes Less is More


Sometimes all the extras even for festival hairstyle ideas are over the top. Having said that, less is sometimes more. And with just a simple brushing with less restrictive French braiding, you will get this look.

10)Two Classic French Braids and Flow


Another wonderful hairstyle idea where less is more. There’s no need to add flowers, jewelry, or other things to the hair. Just do regular French braids with a wavy let down look and you’ll look like a winner.

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