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5 Excellent Cat Toys and activities and Games That Price You Nothing!


There are all types of fun toys you can buy your cat to perform with. But, what if I could show you some really awesome cat toys and activities that hit you up for nothing with things you have in your home? My partner and I have 5 kitties. We now be innovative. Enjoying with your kitties definitely can help you connection better with them.

Here are 5 cat toy and activities we have realized over the years that really keep our kitties entertained.

Cat Toys and activities and Games

1.) I refer to this as one “Stick & Rug.”

I refer to this as one "Stick & Rug."

This is one of my kitties preferred. Take a skinny keep about 18 inches wide in duration. Any keep will do. I like to use the nasty stays from cat toys I have. You know the ones I mean. The stays with a bit of sequence on one end, and something smooth and vibrant connected to the sequence…Like down, a packed rabbit or seafood, a bit of material etc. Just use the keep part.

Next, you need a rug or a bit of rug to perform the activity. Begin to slowly shift the keep beneath rug or rug. The noise of the keep massaging against the material will get your cat’s interest. Also, slowly shift the keep in-and-out from under the rug. This will stimulate your cat’s organic tracking intuition. They will paw and try to pounce on the keep. Friend, my interested little celebrity, even prefers to go under the rug and try to catch the keep.

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