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5 best matte lipstick colors for winter


Finding a matte lip stick color that would wear perfectly which last all day without diminishing, smudging, or dehydrating your mouth seems near difficult. To confuse things, the market is overwhelmed with thousands of products claiming to do it all—but hardly ever provide. That’s why we examined top-rated matte lipsticks at all prices. From the perfect favorable red shades to funky blues, click through to see our preferred new top 10 matte lip stick colors to wear all throughout the winter.

5 Awesome Matte lipstick colors

 Bite Beauty Rich toffee color

 Bite Beauty Rich toffee color

This wonderful color Molasses by Bite Beauty is an excellent toffee color that’s a little bit on the brownish side, but this highly pigmented lip stick will add a touch of strong color to your look to guide in the start of winter.

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