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Baby Bottle Sterilizers Reviews & Buying Guide


One of the things that new parents are most told they’re going to need is a baby bottle sterilizer. These products can put your mind at ease and be highly beneficial to the health of your baby! We’ve got you covered on the road to choosing one with this bottle sterilizer buying guide. We want the best for you and your little one! But before we get started, let’s take a look at some things you should know!

Capacity: This is the number of bottles that the sterilizer can hold. This is only a relevant number for bottles and does not include parts and other accessories that the unit might hold and sterilize at once.

Type: There are two main types of bottle sterilizers: there’s the microwave unit, which you fill with a certain amount of water and microwave with the bottles inside for a time, or electric ones which are sometimes slower.

Cleaning Time: This is how long it takes to sterilize your bottles. Keep in mind that, prior to sterilization, all of the bottles and accessories will have to be cleaned and the excess water will need to be shaken off.

BPA Free: BPA is a molecule that is a by-product of chemical processes. Ingesting it can lead to problems with your naturally-occurring hormones, including estrogen. Of course, you want to keep this far from your family and your little ones.

Size: The dimensions of the sterilizer are important, because they help you realize how many bottles you can get into the unit at once, and if it will fit on your countertops or other surfaces. Know how big it is!

Warranty: A warranty is a guarantee that the product you’re purchasing has been controlled for quality. If your device breaks within the warranty period, you could get a refund or a replacement if it’s a manufacturing error.

Top 10 Products

Now we can show you our bottle sterilizer reviews! We’ve searched through a ton of products to bring you the top ten, the ones that we found were the very best. After all, you want nothing less for your little one. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick and budget pick first, as they are the best examples available. Afterward, browse the rest of our list for great sterilizers of every description!

Wabi Baby Electric Sterilizer

Our choice for the best bottle sterilizer for sale is this one from Wabi baby. It holds up to 8 standard-sized bottles, and dries them in between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how you set the timer. You can sterilize bottles in between 8 and 15 minutes – and it has a smart sensor that tells you when it’s done. It’s a 3-in-1 device because it will dry the bottle, sterilize them, and also store them for up to twelve hours at a time. Of course, you can store them for longer than that, but for the first twelve hours, the unit will run drying for about ten minutes every three hours to ensure the bottles are dry and sterile. When you need to descale the device, it is not a big deal – one button does the work for you! As a bonus, you can set the memory so it will dry on auto mode.


Philips AVENT Steam Sterilizer

This BPA-free sterilizer by Phillips AVENT is the best cheap bottle sterilizer on our list. It’s a microwave sterilizer, which means that instead of putting the bottles and other assorted accessories into a unit to sterilize them, they go into this container which then goes into the microwave in order to work. The container will keep the bottles sterilized for up to 24 hours after microwaving if the container isn’t opened, so it’s useful to keep all of your extra bottles in here. What we love about it is that is sterilized with steam in a total of about 2 minutes, which is faster than most electric sterilizers are. It fits most microwaves on the market right now, and you can easily take it with you when you go to visit relatives or stay somewhere overnight. You can sterilize anything from bottles to pacifiers and breast pumps with this sterilizer, and feel confident that you’re giving your baby the best!


Tommee Tippee Sterilizer

This sterilizer by Tommee Tippee is the real deal! It works in five minutes flat to deliver up to five sterile bottles with the push of a single button. It’s small enough to fit on any crowded countertop while still delivering a quality sterilizing experience. It does it all without chemicals and manages to kill about 99.9% of household bacteria. There is a tray inside the sterilizer where you place all of the bottle nipples and pacifiers you need it to work on, as well as other accessories you might want. The bottom is reserved for up to five Tommee Tippee bottles at a time. Given that it works in five minutes, that’s not a bad turnaround! It’s an electric device, which tends to work slower than microwave ones. That isn’t the case with this Tommee Tippee product! It’s one of the best bottle sterilizers that we found during our research for smaller bottles!


Munchkin Steam Guard Sterilizer

Munchkin is a well-known name for affordable baby gear, which is why it’s no surprise that this microwave-style sterilizer is effective and affordable. It can get the job done! You can use this to sterilize any type of feeding equipment, including breast and bottle feeding accessories and parts. It also does great for pacifiers. As long as the lid remains closed with the convenient locking tabs, all of the bottles and accessories inside will stay sterilized for up to twelve hours, which is great! It works with most standard microwave sizes and comes with a convenient open-away design so that you won’t get steam burned from that first rush of scorching water vapor. It can hold up to four bottles, or four bottles and two breast pumps at once. It works quickly to kill up to 99.9% of household bacteria and keep it away from your precious little one. It’s a simple system that works well!


Dr. Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer is one of the best baby bottle sterilizers that we could find on the market today. This isn’t at all surprising considering that all of Dr. Brown’s products are top-of-the-line baby accessories. This steam sterilizer is easy to use and can clean up to six bottles of any size quickly and efficiently. We love that it’s versatile enough to clean any size wide-mouth or regular bottle in either glass or plastic. There are cycle indicators on the front of the unit which tell you where in the cycle the machine is, as well as a shut-off that cuts power when the process is complete. The controls are entirely electronic so you know when they’re working. There’s a removable tray, designed specifically to allow the right amount of steam into each bottle. the accessory tray on the top easily sterilizes nipples, bottle parts, and pacifiers at the same time, so it’s super convenient!


Cuisinart CS-6 Bottle Sterilizer

Usually, the name Cuisinart brings to mind cookware and other kitchen appliances. Who would have known they made of the best baby bottle sterilizers we could find? Instead of using harsh chemicals to sterilize everything that’s going to be in contact with your baby, this electric sterilizer uses steam to kill bacteria. This leaves your baby’s bottles, pacifiers, and other parts of the bottle clean and safe for them to use. It can hold six bottles, and any commercial size should fit into the unit. This includes glass bottles as well, which we thought was a nice touch. You can also use it to clean small toys and breastfeeding accessories! This unit is surprisingly compact for the number of bottles it can hold and clean at once! There’s an integrated measuring cup so you know exactly how much water to put in to get the perfect steam. Besides looking great, it also works great for your peace of mind.


The First Years Steam Sterilizer

The First Years makes this amazing bottle sterilizer that can be used to steam small toys, pacifiers, and any other appropriate accessory. It kills up to 99.9% of normal household bacteria in a short cycle of approximately 13 minutes. Just make sure to shake off the excess water after washing your bottles for the best results. the Steam Tower Technology helps to direct the steam into infiltrating each bottle equally, so they all get the attention that you want them to have. There is a built-in drying rack, where you can take the things that have just been sterilized out and air-dry them before use. You can be sure that you’re getting completely and naturally sterilized items when you use this device. And it is entirely BPA free as a bonus!


BallaBebe Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Another one of the best baby bottle sterilizers is from Ballabebe. Every single corner of your item can be sterilized with this steamer, which you can use anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes at a time. The 10-minute interval is optimal for sterilization, while the longer 60 minutes is great for drying. This unit also has a drying function, in case you’re against letting your bottles air dry. You can set it independently to only sterilize, only dry, or dry and sterilize at the same time. Plus, if you keep the lid closed you can store completely sterile bottles in the unit for up to 24 hours. If you’re planning ahead, it’s the perfect device! Each of the modes is represented by a selection on the dial, and there’s only one dial to control all the functions. It’s simplicity at its best. It automatically shuts off when the cycle is done, so you don’t have to worry.


Babebay Bottle Sterilizer

The Babebay Bottle sterilizer sticks out on our list for being a four-in-one product. This is actually a pretty good buy for someone who needs all of these things but doesn’t want to buy them separately. Plus, it will take up much less space than four separate machines. The first function is, of course, a bottle sterilizer so that you can keep your bottles healthy for your baby. It also includes a food heater to get your baby’s solids to the perfect temperature, a formula heater, and a breastmilk warmer. This is perfect for you or your significant other when you’re using your stored breast milk. One unique thing about this product is that it will heat water for 24 hours at a time, so you can use it without waiting for the water to warm back up. That is genius, and perfect for busy parents! We love all the features that this product has!


Kiddiluv Microwave Steam Sterilizer


Finally, we come to the last product on our list. this Kiddiluv microwave steamer only takes between 5 and 7 minutes to completely sterilize 6 bottles – either standard or wide-necked ones. It’s a light solution that will fit in most standard microwaves. If you know you’re going to need the bottles later, you can do this in advance and they will stay sterile for about 12 hours if you don’t open the lid. You can use the unit to steam away from the household bacteria on baby bottles and breast pumps, as well as teethers and pacifiers. Basically, any plastic is good in this steamer. The unit itself is completely BPA free, and it’s easy to store under the counter when you aren’t using it. We know you only want the best for your baby – and we do too!


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